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Uusi puu – New Wood – is a community of over 20 Finnish operators. The participants represent a broad range of Finnish forestry sector players, including forest owners, small and large companies, organisations, educational and research institutions. We are working together to increase awareness of the wood-based bioeconomy, highlighting new and existing products and solutions, exploring their impact on society and evaluating the growth potential of the sector.

Join us and let people know what wood can do!

Virpi Korhonen

Virpi Korhonen

Project Manager

Phone +358 400 697973
virpi.korhonen (at)
Metsäviestintä Oy/ Uusi puu
Salomonkatu 17 A 5th floor
00100 Helsinki

Johanna Lahti


johanna.lahti (at)

Steering Group

Martta Fredrikson

Finnish Forest Foundation

martta.fredrikson (at)

Kirsi Joensuu

Finnsh Forest Foundation

kirsi.joensuu (at)

Satu Huhtela

MM Kotkamills

satu.huhtela (at)

Johanna Lahti

Johanna Lahti


johanna.lahti (at)

Maija Pohjakallio

Metsä Group

maija.pohjakallio (at)

Annika Sundell


annika.sundell (at)

Tommi Vanha


tommi.vanha (at)

Sari Åkerlund

Äänekosken Kehitys

sari.akerlund (at)