Shows what wood can do


Increases awareness of the wood-based bioeconomy

The goal of the Uusi puu project is to increase awareness of the wood-based bioeconomy; highlighting new and existing products and solutions, exploring their impact on society, and offering expert perspectives on the outlook for this innovative industry.

Comprising more than 20 Finnish organisations, Uusi puu is a community that promotes the wood-based bioeconomy and provides information to influencers and political decision-makers about the significance and value of wood-based products.

Uusi puu means “new wood” in Finnish. We want decision-makers and the wider society to discover the full potential of wood-based products!

Wood-based solutions for global challenges

maanparannuskuitujen levitys

Fibrous soil amendments

DuraSense by Stora Enso

Wood-based biocomposites

Lidloc Metsä Board

Lidless paperboard cup

Renewable egg box

Plastic-free, heat-sealable material

Sustainable cardboard tray

The wood-based bioeconomy offers an eco-friendly and cost-efficient response to global challenges

Megatrendi: Resurssiniukkuus
Scarce resources

How can we use fewer resources and still accomplish more?

Megatrendi: Kaupungistuminen

How do we get products to the cities and into use in an efficient and sustainable manner?

Megatrendi: Väestörakenteen muutokset
Changes in the population structure

How should changes in the population structure be taken into consideration in product design?

Megatrendi: Digitalisoituminen

How to utilise the opportunities enabled by digitalisation across the entire value chain?

Tiedostava kuluttaminen
Consumer awareness

How can we respond to changing consumer needs?