How to utilise the opportunities enabled by digitalisation across the entire value chain?

Digitalisation is not only about bytes. For example, exponentially growing e-commerce is generating growing demand for durable, light-weight, environmentally-friendly and recyclable packages. Thanks to efficient data management, the origin of wood in each individual product can be identified. Printed intelligence is revolutionising the challenges related to product safety, product locating and product loss.

Wood-based solutions for challenges posed by digitalisation

Modular packaging concept for e-commerce

Wood panel with embedded intelligence

Elastic cardboard

Corrugated board protects goods

Easily recyclable packaging material

Recycled fibre generates raw material for construction

More advanced packaging technology is enabling online shops to sell a broader range of products, including products that previously required an unbroken cold chain from the producer to the point of sale. Aseptic packaging can be used to safely preserve milk and other sensitive foods.


International e-commerce will grow 500% by 2020, from USD 25 billion to USD 130 billion (OC & C Strategy Consultants)