Consumer awareness

How can we respond to changing consumer needs?

A growing group of consumers is making purchasing decisions based on ethical, health and safety reasons. A conscious consumer expects both the product and its packaging to be eco-friendly. Wood as a renewable material and recyclable wood-based materials support sustainable development, product safety and well-being. The wood-based products made in Finland are sustainable in terms of production and the entire supply chain: the origin of the wood is fully traceable, forest ownership is very clear, and the products are manufactured in an environmentally-friendly way.

Wood-based solutions for conscious consumers

Safe food packages

Renewable ice-cream packaging material

Non-toxic plant protection

Easily recyclable packaging material

Baguette box “from one tree”

Eco-friendly packaging


The demand for textile fibres will double during the next 15 years


The use of wood-based packaging materials, replacing plastic and aluminium for example, is growing at more than 5% annually

Wood could replace cotton as a raw material for textiles. The water-intensive cultivation of cotton has created one of the biggest environmental problems in agriculture and, unlike wood fibre production, it also competes with food production for arable land.