Consumer awareness

How can we respond to changing consumer needs?

A growing group of consumers is making purchasing decisions based on ethical, health and safety reasons. A conscious consumer expects both the product and its packaging to be eco-friendly. Wood as a renewable material and recyclable wood-based materials support sustainable development, product safety and well-being. The wood-based products made in Finland are sustainable in terms of production and the entire supply chain: the origin of the wood is fully traceable, forest ownership is very clear, and the products are manufactured in an environmentally-friendly way.

Wood-based solutions for conscious consumers

Lidloc Metsä Board

Lidless paperboard cup

Plastic-free, heat-sealable material

Sustainable cardboard tray


“Plastic bags” out of wood

Renewable packaging for liquids

Packaging for fruit and vegetables


The demand for textile fibres will double during the next 15 years


The use of wood-based packaging materials, replacing plastic and aluminium for example, is growing at more than 5% annually

Wood could replace cotton as a raw material for textiles. The water-intensive cultivation of cotton has created one of the biggest environmental problems in agriculture and, unlike wood fibre production, it also competes with food production for arable land.