Changes in the population structure

How should changes in the population structure be taken into consideration in product design?

The world population continues to grow and people are living longer than ever before. The longer life expectancy increases the need for healthcare. Wood fibre can be used to produce pharmaceutical packaging, sterile packaging for hospitals and various home-care products, including hygiene products. The bioactive compounds in wood are useful for medicinal purposes and provide health benefits. A growing number of solutions is being developed for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Food & Beverages industries.

Wood-based solutions for challenges posed by changes in the population structure

Uunikelpoinen paperivuoka. Walki.

Ovenable PET-free tray

A paper-based pouch that replaces plastic pouches

Tamper-evident pharma packaging

Aluminium-free cheese packaging


Compostable Coffee Pod

Competitive pharmaceutical packaging


The life expectancy of a girl born in Finland today is 100 years.


According to the UN, people aged over 60 will constitute more than 21% of the world’s population in 2050.