Megatrends generate growing demand for wood-based solutions

Global phenomena, such as population growth and climate change, are causing permanent changes in the world. These megatrends affect consumer behaviour and pose ecological and commercial challenges – but they also create many new opportunities.

Megatrendi: Resurssiniukkuus
Scarce resources

How can we use fewer resources and still accomplish more?

Megatrendi: Kaupungistuminen

How do we get products to the cities and into use in an efficient and sustainable manner?

Megatrendi: Väestörakenteen muutokset
Changes in the population structure

How should changes in the population structure be taken into consideration in product design?

Megatrendi: Digitalisoituminen

How to utilise the opportunities enabled by digitalisation across the entire value chain?

Tiedostava kuluttaminen
Consumer awareness

How can we respond to changing consumer needs?

Huge growth potential for wood-based solutions

Wood is a renewable natural resource.

International value chains that process raw materials into products offer excellent growth opportunities for the wood-based bioindustry. For example, packaging made from wood fibre can be used alongside or instead of products made from plastic. The global frozen food industry alone is a business worth around USD 260 billion, and the monthly production volume of microwave meal containers made from wood fibre can be in the hundreds of millions.

By 2030


Of world’s population, 70% will live in cities


We will consume 45% more energy


We will need 50% more food