Tissue doesn’t bend for digitalisation

Tissue doesn't bend for digitalisation

Tissue paper has an established and solid popularity in our life. In Finland, as elsewhere in Western Europe, many families use, in addition to toilet paper and kitchen roll, paper napkins and also carry handkerchiefs in their bags.

Tissue products contribute to the ease of everyday life and to well-being away from home, too. For example, research shows that disposable paper towels are the most effective and hygienic way to dry your hands after washing. Careful and hygienic drying is important, as four out of five cases of flu are caught through hand contact.

In the modern consumer’s life, tissue products have a permanent and unshakeable position – even as the world around is becoming ever more digitised. Demand in Asia is growing particularly strongly.

How it works in practise

New tissue products are developed in accordance with customers’ wishes. The properties of the product can be enhanced through the choice of fibre: the durability of kitchen towel comes from long-fibred strong softwood pulp, whereas the softness of toilet tissue comes from the short hardwood fibres that remain upright.

Another example of Finnish tissue expertise is the fact that at Metsä Tissue’s Mänttä mill, the origin of all the raw materials used in its Lambi and Serla products is fully known. The main raw material – wood pulp – is local, coming from Finnish mills. The pulp is made from wood that comes from sustainably managed Northern forests.

Recycled fibre is also utilised in the manufacture of tissue. From the environmental point of view, tissue paper is always a sound and safe choice.

Financial opportunities and broader social significance

Maailmanlaajuisesti tarkasteltuna pehmopaperin kysyntä on kasvussa.
Itäisessä Keski-Euroopassa pehmopapereiden kysyntä monipuolistuu talouden vahvistuessa ja yleisen elintason noustessa. Läntisessä Euroopassa pehmopaperituotteita käytetään monipuolisesti ja niiden käyttö on vakiintunut nykytasolle, vuosittain noin 20 kiloon per henkilö. Runsainta kulutus on Yhdysvalloissa.

Osissa Aasiaa ja Kiinaa pehmopaperituotteet tekevät tuloaan markkinoille ensi kertaa ja kysyntä on vahvassa kasvussa. Jo pelkästään Kiinaan rakennetaan tulevina vuosina reilusti yli 100 uutta pehmopaperikonetta, jotka käyttävät mm. suomalaista sellua.

Further information

For more information on Finnish products made in Mänttä (in Finnish):
www.serla.fi ja www.lambi.fi