Tamper-evident pharma packaging

Safe pharma packaging is a goal of the future

Increasing life expectancy leads to an increase in people’s need for medical care. Because of a growing medicine consumption, it is important to produce safe pharmaceutical and sterile packaging. Metsä Board’s products  offer excellent material options for packaging that requires hygiene and safety in the healthcare industry.

How it works in practice

Metsä Board’s tamper-evident packaging is made of Metsä Board Pro FBB Bright and has a structure that is designed to break when the product is opened. It features a lock buckle which falls apart and thus reveals if the product has been used or manipulated.

Another option for increasing product safety is a hologram security label, made by Finnish Starcke, ensuring that the package remains unopened until it reaches the consumer. For additional security, the hologram security label is a separate element that is applied onto the package.

Economic opportunities and broader social significance

Frauds can be an attempt to sabotage a brand by a competitor or a question of passing a cheap copy as a brand product. A security hologram is impossible to forge; it is an effective tamper evident element. Furthermore, it is impossible to replicate a hologram which is based on coded identifiers.

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