Sustainably produced label material

A labeling solution made of wood-based residue material to replace fossil-based labels

Replacing virgin fossil-based film material with renewable wood-based one is now possible, with UPM Raflatac’s Forest Film™ label material. The product is developed in collaboration with UPM Biofuels, giving new life to waste from the pulping process to produce UPM BioVerno naphtha, a 100% wood-based solution originating from sustainably managed forests.

How it works in practice

When wood from sustainably-managed forests is processed for pulp, the resin is used to make UPM BioVerno – the raw material in Forest Film. Forest Film label material offers the exact same quality and performance as traditional fossil-based films, so it’s a 100% renewable alternative for plastics.

Economic opportunities and broader social significance

In accordance with circular economy principles, a residue from pulp production is used to manufacture UPM BioVerno naphtha, the raw material for the label material. Using residue-based raw materials ensures that all resources have a long life-cycle and are used in the most efficient way.

Further information

UPM Raflatac is leading in sustainable labeling through our innovative self-adhesive label materials and services. We offer high-quality paper and film label stock for branding and promotion, informational labels, and labels with functionality. UPM Raflatac is part of UPM.

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