Sustainable food service packaging

Sustainable food service packaging for Norwich City FC – MM Kotkamills & Pyroll Group Oy

The service packaging solution of MM Kotkamills and Pyroll Packaging Group combines both easy recyclability of the protective cartonboard and the staging of recycling at various events. Thus, the packaging solution facilitates the organization of low-waste and low-emission events. The solution is a fully recyclable takeaway kit made for Norwich City FC, which includes a salad box, a burger box, and a cup. The packaging series is an example of Finnish cooperation and know-how between two member companies of the New Wood project, MM Kotkamills and Pyroll Packaging Group.

How it works in practice

This packaging series uses fully recyclable cartonboard made by MM Kotkamills. The wood raw material used for the board is sourced from sustainably managed, certified sources. After use, the packages and cups are recycled in the collection bins, so that the wood fibre contained in the board can be easily recycled  and used as a raw material for other paper or board products. Wood fibres can be reused up to 25 times after their first use.

Economic opportunities and broader social significance

By using MM Kotkamills’ board, recycling becomes easier and cheaper when the board no longer has a separate layer of PE plastic that requires a separation process. The recycled packages provide cheaper raw material than virgin material for products. The use of recyclable packaging and containers also saves on waste charges as the amount of waste sent to landfill is reduced.

The market potential of the solution is huge and global. Both large and small brand owners are looking for new options and solutions for their packaging.

Other information

The cooperation between MM Kotkamills and Pyroll Pakkaukset Group Oy is a pioneer in utilizing innovative solutions. This is an excellent example of the need for networks and collaboration. All in all, we accelerate the circulation and change for good.