Research for the development of fiber-based packaging

Trailblazer in fiber-based packaging solutions – LUT Packaging Technology

The demand for ecological packaging solutions made from renewable raw materials is growing strongly. The change in consumer behavior and the stricter environmental requirements for packaging materials bring new challenges to packaging companies and packaging manufacturers. The cornerstone of LUT Packaging technology’s operations is to develop future solutions with our partners that emphasize the safety, ecology and cost-effectiveness of packaging.

How it works in practice

LUT University developes more environmentally friendly packaging solutions together with material- and packaging manufacturers. LUT Packaging technology is one of the leading research units in the research of fiber and bio-based packaging solutions. LUT is an internationally known expert in the usability of fiber and biomaterials, packaging manufacturing and sealing.

LUT Packaging technology research focuses on machines, processes and tools related to the production of environmentally sustainable packaging solutions. The research topics include packaging materials, especially fiber-based packaging materials and bio-based coatings, and their converting into packaging

Economic opportunities and broader social significance

LUT’s research group has versatile laboratory facilities for the characterization and converting of materials, from laboratory- to pilot and production-scale machinery. The equipment base is modern and forms a unique research environment for packaging materials and manufacturing.

Further information

LUT University (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT) is an international science university founded in 1969 that combines technology, economics and social sciences. There are approximately 7,500 students and experts in our community.

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