Grease and moisture resistant cartonboards for easily recyclable, high-quality printed ice cream cups

When used together, the ISLA® Ice and ISLA® Cream boards developed by MM Kotkamills form an easily recyclable, grease and moisture resistant ice cream cup solution, which is recycled in the cardboard fraction after use. In this way, the wood fibres of the cup can be easily collected and recycled as raw material for other paper or board products. The printability of the cup board is excellent.

How it works in practice

MM Kotkamills’ ice cream cup board solution, which consists of cup board and cup bottom board used together, is designed to replace e.g. plastic or plastic-coated materials in ice cream packaging, where resistance to grease and moisture is required.

After use, the packaging is easily recyclable in the cardboard fraction. The wood fibres in the packaging can be recycled up to 25 times into new products. The printing properties of the board are also excellent, which makes the board an exquisite printing surface for conveying both brand and product information to the consumer.

Economic opportunities and broader social significance

The ice cream cups made of fibre-based material enable the reduction of plastics use in the ice cream industry. Cartonboard cups are easy to recycle after use, as raw material for new paper or cartonboard products. This way the wood fibres can be reused, instead of using only virgin fibres in cartonboard packaging.

Further information

MM Kotkamills produces plastics-replacing and easily recyclable consumer packaging boards, special saturating kraft paper and wood products.

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