Cost-effective stackable packaging

Stackable corrugated board packaging saves on transport costs and reduces product losses

The height of these strong and stackable Finnish corrugated board packages can be modified according to the product being packed. This optimal dimensioning saves not only transporting and warehousing space, but also on packaging material itself. Sturdy boxes reduce the amount of breakage of the packaging, which also means that less of the products inside them break during the logistics process of getting them to the stores. In addition, a sturdy structure helps improve the work ergonomics of the people handling them.

How it works in practise

The Finnish stackable corrugated board packaging is based on the Common Footprint standard of the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO).

Corrugated board packaging is typically used as packaging for the transport and sales of berries, vegetables and fruit. There are also other potential uses – in the baking industry, for instance, corrugated board could replace plastic.

Economic opportunities and broader social significance

Corrugated board production employs around 1,000 people in Finland. Its total annual production is 150,000 tonnes, equalling around EUR 225 million.

Most of the corrugated board packaging manufactured in Finland is used for products made in Finland, some of which are exported to different parts of the world. Correspondingly, goods imported to Finland are packaged in materials manufactured in other countries. Corrugated board contains strong fibres. For this reason, recycled corrugated board is in high demand as a raw material in the paperboard industry, where it often replaces fresh forest fibre. Finland is a pioneer in recycling corrugated board.

Further information

The Finnish Corrugated Board Association has published a comprehensive user manual in Finnish; it has everything that you need to know, from the technical specifications to the environmental impact of corrugated board.

Finnish Corrugated Board Association