Competitive pharmaceutical packaging

Competitive packaging for the continuously growing pharmaceutical industry

According to the UN, people aged over 60 will constitute more than 21% of the world’s population in 2050. The ageing population is increasing the demand for pharmaceuticals. In addition to being safe, pharmaceutical packaging needs to be efficient to manufacture, in order to keep delivery times and production costs in check. Therefore lighter cardboard grades are developed for pharmaceutical packaging to save raw materials and meet the strict quality and efficiency requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

How it works in practice

Tambrite, a fully coated folding boxboard made by Stora Enso, is a prime example of a light cardboard suitable for pharmaceutical packaging. Through quality improvement and packaging process optimisation, Stora Enso has gained a competitive edge with Tambrite over other pharmaceutical packaging cardboards in the market. Efficient packaging benefits pharmaceutical companies as well as society and the patient, who end up footing the bill.

Financial opportunities and broader social significance

The cost and availability of medicines are issues of global significance. When raw materials can be saved in the production of packaging, the overall cost will decrease. Developing more cost-efficient packaging materials that meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry strengthens the competitiveness of the Finnish forest industry.

Other information

In the testing of pharmaceutical packaging cardboards, Stora Enso partnered with packaging manufacturer Edelmann from Germany and packaging machine supplier Uhlmann from Switzerland.

Stora Enso Tambrite
Stora Enso