Ovenable PET-free tray

Monomaterial tray supports the transition away from aluminium and plastic-based trays towards fibre-based alternatives.

Uunikelpoinen paperivuoka. Walki.

How does it work in practice

This fibre-based solution for ovenable trays makes it possible to heat the tray up to 60 minutes in the oven. The material is 100 % PET-free and is made from renewable fibre. The barrier materials are also kept to a minimum to make the tray easily recyclable.

The tray is suitable for a wide variety of applications including frozen or chilled ready-made meals, fish and baked goods.

The tray is a monomaterial made from renewable sources and is fully recyclable.

Other Information

Walki believes in a sustainable and circular tomorrow. Walki’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition into a zero waste future in packaging and promote the use of energy efficient materials across industries. Walki’s product solutions are designed to bring value to customers in many different markets; from sustainable materials for packaging applications to energy saving performance materials. Walki is a growing international group organized in three business areas: Consumer Packaging, Industrial Packaging and Engineered Materials, with operations in twelve different countries, both in Europe and Asia. In 2019, the Group’s annual turnover was approx. 400 million euros employing around 1000 people.

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