Modular packaging concept for e-commerce

Protective e-commerce packaging without plastics

The folded packaging concept is a strong and visually prestige solution suitable for e-commerce. The origami-inspired structures inside the shipping package are modular to shape in relation to the packaged contents and protect fragile products due to their strong structural properties. The solution replaces plastic packaging materials, enables compact packing, saves transportation costs, and improves user experience.

How it works in practice

The concept is a modular solution of protective structures that can be placed inside the e-commerce shipping package and is suitable for various sizes of packages and products. The concept consists of folded sheets of different shapes and sizes that can be torn to fit various box sizes and around different types of products. Due to the flexibility of the folded material, it can also be easily and quickly wrapped around the product to be shipped. Thanks to its strong structure, the material is well suited for packaging fragile objects such as glass products, bottled liquids, or premium quality cosmetic products.

The structures change and are flexible depending on the product to be packaged, and they keep the contents in place inside the shipping package during transport. The stylish and modern design enables a better user experience as well as branding opportunities. The packaging material can be recycled or reused for various purposes, for example in home decoration.

Economic opportunities and broader social significance

The solution is based on wood fibre materials. It reduces the need for using plastic in the growing global e-commerce market. The modularly scalable concept supports sustainable development goals by offering a strong yet aesthetically pleasing packaging structure made with bio-based material. The lightweight construction enables compact packing, minimizing the empty space in the shipping package, which saves transportation costs. The folded packaging structure provides many options for unique, personal, and distinctive brand communication. The solution also improves the user experience and enables a unique, memorable opening experience.

Further information

The packaging concept has been designed as part of the Business Finland-funded Fold project piloted by a multidisciplinary research team from VTT and Aalto University, in aim to develop new product concepts and technology suitable for novel folding techniques for industrial production. The project is done in cooperation with Finnish business partners (Anpap, Elomatic, Lumene, Mirka, MetsäBoard, Orfer, Soften and StoraEnso). This project is a continuation of the previous joint Fold and Sustain project executed by Aalto University and VTT, as a FinnCERES flagship project funded by the Academy of Finland. On a large scale, the project broadly promotes the goals of the EU’s green transition period.

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