100% reusable fibre packaging

Recycling fibre packaging reduces demand for raw materials and creates jobs

Fibre packaging made from renewable raw materials is 100 per cent reusable. The recycling of corrugated board began in Finland as far back as the 1940s, and later, in the 1990s, recycling of fibre packaging collected from consumers began.

How it works in practise

Recycling material can be used to replace virgin raw materials in the paper and board industries. The waste fibre packaging collected in Finland is used to produce tube core board and cores for the paper, plastic and textile industries; different kinds of laminating papers for the building and furniture industries as well as for envelopes.

Economic opportunities and broader social significance

Around 350,000 tonnes of fibre packaging are used per year in the Finnish market, of which around 80 per cent is recycled.

Using recycled material to replace virgin raw materials is the sustainable economy at its best. In addition, the employment effects of the recycling business are significant and expected to grow in the future.

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