Packaging material for the discerning consumer

One third of Finns base their consumption on ethical and ecological choices. Customer requirements are taken into account in the grocery and retail businesses by paying particular attention to the prevention and recycling of waste.

Informed consumers can choose cold cuts that are packed in recyclable cardboard packaging. Offering such packaging makes it possible for consumers to make more ecological choices in their everyday lives.

How it works in practise

FlowPap®, a flexible laminate made by Pyroll, is made from two materials: paper and plastic.

The front of the package is made of transparent FlowPap® film, and the back is thermo-foldable Formpap paper. This combination gives the packaging the best of both materials: the beautiful appearance and renewable nature of paper, as well as the transparency and easy sealability of plastic, along with its ability to keep food fresh.
FlowPap® film can be used as it is, for example, for packaging fresh products such as bread, cold cuts and pastries.

Formpap, which acts as the base of the package, is thermo-foldable paper. Formpap is ideal for shallow containers, such as packaging for cold cuts and cheeses. The material is also ideal for packing with protective gas.

Financial opportunities and broader social significance

The choice of packaging material has an effect on the image of the product. An attractive package is key when products compete for the attention of consumers on supermarket shelves.

Pyroll cold cut packaging can be recycled either as cardboard or as energy waste. The packaging also reduces the use of non-renewable natural resources.

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