Easy-to-recycle pastry box

Easily recyclable paperboard carton for cakes

Metsä Board’s paperboard and packaging design expertise helped to develop an easily recyclable packaging concept for Viipurilainen Kotileipomo. The cake package is easy to assemble. It reduces material needs by 25 percent and CO2 emissions by about 34 percent.

How it works in practice

Metsä Board’s lightweight barrier board and the new design concept enabled Viipurilainen Kotileipomo to pack its products in 100% recyclable packaging and give up PE coating. Dispersion barrier coated paperboard is well suited for bakery products that require protection, especially against grease. The one-piece take-away box is quick to assemble compared to the previous two-piece box. A window made of biodegradable plastic can be added to the lid of the box during manufacturing, so that the packaged product is well displayed on the store shelf.

Metsä Board’s dispersion barrier coated paperboard can be recycled with paper or board. It is also biodegradable and has industrial and home compostability certifications.

Economic opportunities and broader social significance

Dispersion barrier coated paperboard can reduce plastics use. It has a lower carbon footprint and is easy to recycle. Biodegradable dispersion barrier coated paperboard can be easily made into light food and food service packaging at the converter, saving time as no separate barrier treatment is required.

Lightweight but strong paperboard helps to save resources and reduce the use of plastic, promoting circular economy. What makes the packaging innovative is its resource-efficient design, ease of assembly and easy recycling. The paperboard is made from renewable resources.

Further information

Metsä Board is a leading European producer of premium fresh fibre paperboards. We focus on lightweight and high-quality folding boxboards, food service boards and white kraftliners.

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