Compostable coffee pod

Coffee is a demanding product to pack: its delicate aroma must be protected from oxygen, moisture and light. This is most often solved by using plastic and aluminium, but the combination of materials makes coffee capsules difficult to recycle. As coffee grounds are biowaste, Walki made the coffee pod compostable, too. This makes the pod easy to recycle after making espresso. 


How it works in practice

Coffee is packed in filter paper held by a ring-shaped frame made of board. The pod is then packed in a single packaging that is not only recyclable, but above all, provides gas, aroma, moisture and vapor barriers. The pod is thermo-formable, heat-sealable, peelable, and it provides good printability. 

Financial opportunities and broader social impact

The Walki coffee capsule allows high-quality coffee to be individually packaged in an environmentally friendly way. It also allows recycling of a product which was difficult to recycle in the past.

Further information

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