Sustainable cardboard tray

A packaging solution that combines the best functionalities of board and plastics

Increasing amount of packaging waste is a global challenge. In the EU, 60% of all plastic waste comes from packaging. Jospak®-tray solution combines the best functionalities of board and plastics.


How it works in practise

The tray is formed from renewable and recyclable corrugated board and it helps to reduce the amount of plastics up to 85%. It is material efficient and distinctive as the brand and product information can be printed directly to the tray.

Jospak®-tray is compatible with the existing automatic packaging process in the food industry. It can be applied to diverse food products, also in modified atmosphere packing (MAP).

Economic opportunities and broader social significance

Jospak’s mission is to help sustainable food industry to reduce both packaging waste and food waste. Furthermore, we provide brand owners an excellent way to differentiate and increase brand visibility as well as a convenient solution for consumers to recycle the packaging. Consumers can easily dispose the packaging by recycling it as liquid board or separate the plastic film and recycle both materials in their own waste management systems.

Additional information
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