Woodio toilet is the world’s first bio-material toilet seat

The Woodio Block toilet seat is made in Finland with a minimal carbon footprint from real wood chips and advanced resins. The modern, subtle and round shaped wall-mounted toilet seat celebrates timeless Scandinavian form and function while offering a good conscience.

How it works in practice

In everyday use, Woodio’s wooden toilet works the same way as other toilets. But the secret lies in the impact resistant Woodio® material, making it practically unbreakable in normal use. The surface is finished with a scratch-resistant coating, which makes it easy to keep clean, due to the material’s dirt repellent coating. Thirdly, thanks to the high wood content of the material, the Block toilet feels warm to the skin to sit on.

Economic opportunities and broader social significance

The ceramic industry is among the most polluting industries globally, so we realized that the bathroom industry has a lot to improve. The Woodio material innovation was inspired by the idea of making more sustainable wooden bathroom tiles.

At first, this seemed impossible and extremely challenging, but it was a mountain our team was ready to conquer. A new material was born! Woodio’s role as an eco-design company is to raise discussion around topics that have an impact on the well-being of our Earth. As a brand, Woodio wants to offer a solution that is less of a burden to the environment, and change the way the world thinks about bathrooms.

Further information

Woodio is a Finnish modern-day interior and design brand that brings together the best of Nordic design traditions and the use of sustainable bio-material innovation in a contemporary way.

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