Plastic-free mulching paper

Plastic-free mulching paper is a sustainable alternative for field use

It is estimated that more than a million tonnes of plastic film is used for mulching every year around the world. Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of an area of soil. It is designed to retain moisture, improve soil health and fertility, and control weed growth. Walki Agripap mulching paper is fully biodegradable, so it can remain on the ground. 

How it works in practice

Walki® Agripap is made from kraft paper that is coated with a biodegradable layer, which slows down the degradation of the paper. While Walki®Agripap eventually gets absorbed into the soil, plastic mulch becomes waste material that must be removed from the fields and dumped or recycled at high cost. Moreover, mulch often leaves behind plastic residues which pollute the soil and reduce its future growth potential. Yields from polluted soil are typically up to 20 percent lower than those from non-polluted soil. 

Financial opportunities and broader social impact

Traditionally, crop coverings made of plastic and their necessary disposal used to be expensive and cumbersome. Walki’s new organic mulching solution has undergone extensive field testing in Finland. Walki’s Agripap is easy to lay on the fields and it delivers excellent weed control. In order to prove the efficacy of the product, and, if necessary, further develop it for different climatic conditions, Walki plans to partner with equipment manufacturers and farmers interested in testing the new product. 

Further information

Walki Group is a leading manufacturer of technical laminates and protective packaging materials, specializing in the production of fibre-based, intelligent multilaminate products for markets as diverse as energy-saving facings and construction membranes to barrier packaging applications. Walki’s mission is to contribute to the global resource efficiency efforts by developing energy and material efficient solutions to our customers.

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